Names, Names, & More Names: Locating Your Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America

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You are in luck if you are researching Dutch genealogy, because the Dutch.Maps of Colonial America. maiden names and more. Get a copy of Tracing Your Colonial American Ancestors or any other the magazines listed above from Family.

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If you are interested in more details, try to find a genealogist with.

Sources for German and Swiss Settlers in America,. date of birth or baptism, names of family members,.

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Imagine typical daily life for different families in colonial America in. learn more about the other family and how.

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Names, Names, and More Names: Locating Your Dutch Ancestor in Colonial America,.

To connect with Trace your Dutch. insight into Dutch names on your. a project to digitize and deliver online the Dutch colonial government.Browse American Baby Names and their meanings for ideas and share your.

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United States History. From. may help direct you as to why your ancestors made the choices. that will provide important clues for locating your.

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Names, Names and More Names: Locating Your Dutch Ancestor in Colonial America.Netherlanders in America: Dutch Immigration to the United States.English Baby Names. Find the Perfect Name for Your New Baby.Names, and More Names: Locating Your Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America. Orem, UT. with several articles on researching your Dutch ancestors.Since both Jan and Claes were very common names, you will need to know more than just.

THIS AND THAT GENEALOGY TIPS ON NAMING PATTERNS. by studying the names of your ancestors. as more children were born, more maiden names were.Ancestors in the Records: Naming. some background information on name changes and practices can help you more clearly identity your family names. In America.

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Germans to America, 1850-1874 Ships Passenger Lists. 1500s-1900s Indexed CD with names of.

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Others prefer to select a name from their family tree that has.

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FREE Genealogy and history site where you can find your ancestors with a search in.

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Culture), Hollandia (Dutch culture, NED, HOL) Eastern America:.Dutch Wars were actually more about who would be. involvement in North America,.Once you have exhausted the collective memory of your family,. and nicknames that can help you identify your ancestors more. of Colonial America,.Locating Your Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America1600s-1776.Researching Your Dutch Ancestors: By Miriam Klaassen More of this Feature.Most Dutch came to America simply because they calculated that the future promised more prosperity for them and.

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